What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger Lodi291

Lodi291 presents the thrilling world of Live Dragon Tiger. It brings the excitement of a live casino experience right to your screen. The game originated in Cambodia and has gained popularity throughout the world in a short time. This guide will walk you through all the nuances of the game. This includes payouts, side bets, and rules. The game promises an exciting adventure full of tension, regardless of your level of experience. Get ready to become engrossed in this captivating game. This brings together the simplicity of playing from home with the thrill of live casino action.

The two primary betting positions in the game are the Dragon and Tiger. Imagine watching high-definition video of actual, qualified dealers directly on your screen. The gameplay in this game is simple and fast-paced. It is your job to guess which betting position, the tiger or the dragon will get the higher card. It is like an exhilarating guessing game with the extra thrill of live action. This casino game provides the feel of a real casino to your mobile through its easy-to-follow rules and real dealers. Expect to enjoy fast-paced and captivating gameplay that will add even more excitement to your gaming experience. Download the Lodi291 App now to enjoy the game on the go!

How to Play Dragon Tiger?

How to Play Dragon Tiger Lodi291
  • Dragon Tiger is a simple casino game full of adventure. The Dragon and Tiger positions in this card game each receive a card. It is your responsibility as a player to bet on which position will receive the higher card. It is similar to an exciting card battle! If you believe the worth of both cards will be the same, you can also bet on a tie.
  • The way it works is that any card that is higher than the others wins when the cards are dealt, with aces being the lowest. Having a higher number is the most important factor. You win if your bet is on the winning spot!
  • It is a tie if the final card values for Dragon and Tiger are the same. You lose half of your bet on the Dragon and half on the Tiger in this scenario. Thus, even though the game is straightforward, strategy and surprise still play a part. With this live casino game, you can experience the excitement of an online casino game alongside real dealers. This adds to the overall fun and immersive experience.

Card Values

  Card TypeValue
Numbered cards have the same values as the face value.

Live Dragon Tiger Payout

Let us dive into the payout.

Bet TypePayout
Side Bets1:1

Live Dragon Tiger Game RTPs

Live Dragon Tiger Game RTPs Lodi291

Let us dive into the live casino game RTPs.

Bet TypeRTP
Side Bets92.31%

Side Bets in Live Dragon Tiger

Side Bets in Live Dragon Tiger Lodi291

The side bets offer an additional level of excitement by letting players investigate a variety of betting alternatives in addition to the primary game bets. Each side bet offers a separate set of conditions for winning. This adds to the excitement of the game. Place your bets today on the seamless Lodi291 App and win huge returns!

Side BetDescription
Dragon Big and Tiger BigWin if an eight or higher is dealt to the corresponding main position.
Dragon Small and Tiger SmallWin if a six or lower is dealt to the corresponding main position.
Dragon/Tiger Odd and EvenBet on the parity of the card dealt to Dragon or Tiger.
7 Exclusion7 is excluded from certain side bets, resulting in a loss for all bets if a 7 is dealt.


Yes, you can place more than one side bet in addition to your primary Dragon or Tiger wager.

Players lose 50% of their stake on either side in the event of a tie, wherein both the Dragon and the Tiger receive cards with the same value.

No, side bets let players vary their betting strategy because they function apart from the primary Dragon and Tiger bets.

Multiple players can participate in Live Dragon Tiger games at once. This creates a welcoming gaming atmosphere.

With the mobile-friendly platform provided by Lodi291, you can watch Live Dragon Tiger on your tablet or smartphone.


Live Dragon Tiger on Lodi291 enhances your gaming experience with a thrilling blend of ease and excitement. Everyone can play the game because of its simple rules. The game provides an engaging live casino experience for players of all skill levels. As the cards are dealt, feel the energy of the game. Take in the vibrant universe of this well-known card game. Whatever a player’s experience level, Lodi291 offers the ideal platform to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of live casino games. This enables them to fully enjoy themselves in this dynamic casino experience.

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